Bowl 32

Bowl 32

David Small

Owner, Bowl 32 Noblesville, Indiana




Noblesville is the fastest growing town in Indiana, dotted with high-income households, the area’s top schools, and more. David Small, an owner of multiple bowling centers including Bowl 32, immediately saw the potential to enhance his business by catering to the town’s upscale clientele.

But, he faced a challenge. He realized he would have to change his business model, too, offering superior customer service and a better overall guest experience. More importantly, he knew he had to change his scoring system to cater to this demanding yet very lucrative market. 

From the moment David glimpsed at the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, he knew he had the key to fulfilling his dream—a total package with options to “make the game cool again.”



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  • 32


  • 2.5x

    more birthday parties

  • 3x

    more corporate parties

  • Over 40%

    increase in revenue