Bringing a lighter side to this competitive week

The tournament is all fun in games until...Well, it's bowling so there is always some fun and games to it! During this busy week we take time to look at all the fun bowling and our players have to offer.

If you are lucky enough to participate in the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, you can expect to have fun as well as top class competition.

Today was a prime example. Ladislav Svec from the Czech Republic was celebrating his birthday, while Willie Javier from the Dominican Republic celebrated his yesterday. Today the two of them got to take part in a typical Mexican ceremony, for kids of all ages.


It’s called a piñata. A big cone full of sweets is hung up and the birthday boy or girl is then blindfolded and has to smash the piñata with a bat to release the sweets. All the players gathered round and watched while the two of them tried it. Much laughter and filming of the fun took place and the films were up on Facebook before the competition started.


“People back home were laughing at my style,” said Willie. “Baseball is a big sport in the Dominican Republic and lots of my friends have joked that I can’t play baseball when I hold a bat like that.”


Ladislav was shocked when he was pulled out to take part. “I didn’t realise you knew it was my birthday,” he said. “Thank you so much. This is one birthday I will never forget. It just shows how much fun the World Cup is!”

Also in the centre today was the QubicaAMF BES X Monster.  The company's mascot is here to publicise the Match My Monster competition, which is happening on Saturday morning during the International Bowling Festival of the tournament before the finals.  After upgrading their automatic scoring system to the BES X Bowler Entertainment System in April, 2017, Bol 300 is hoping to show off it’s new technology and merge the sport of bowling along with the entertainment experience they offer year around. 


While the players look to make a serious mark on the competition, our host center and QubicaAMF crew are trying to remind everyone of the fun that bowling offers and the experience it provides to all!


Photo credit: Hiroshi Noda

By Judy Howlett


judy_howlett photo credit Terrence Yaw ABF online.jpgJudy Howlett has represented England and Great Britain several times in her bowling career. She played in the Bowling World Cup twice, coming second in 1985 (Seoul, South Korea). She has been in part of the organising team since 2001.


"I can't believe I am lucky enough still to be involved in the best tournament in the world - the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup."



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