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QubicaAMF has a reputation for "firsts" in bowling innovation, and we honor our vast legacy by continuing to improve and expand in every way we can. We're proud of our past and committed to serving your needs today. That's why we stock more parts for more generations of pinspotters than all other manufacturers combined. We consistently out-deliver all other brands in unit volume, dollar volume, order turnaround time, order fill rate, warranty claims, and customer support. Turn to QubicaAMF for all of your pinspotter needs.


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O.E.M. Original Equipment Manufacturer. When it comes to getting parts for your AMF pinspotters, enjoy the value, convenience and peace of mind that only comes from going straight to the source. Plus, we join skilled engineers with the latest design and manufacturing technology to ensure our components always exceed your expectations.


Vantage Replacement Parts for 90s, 70s and 30s, make your job easier. Vantage products offer improvements in design, installation and function. And, many original equipment designs have been re-engineered to incorporate improved metals, elastomers, and technologies.


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