Great Bowling Performance

Bowlers of all skill levels want to bowl well and get high scores. They like to challenge themselves and their friends. SPL Boutique lanes give your bowlers the tools to perform.


Distinct Board Lines

SPL Boutique lanes have distinct parallel lines running the length of the lane that simulate individual board lines found on a traditional wood lane. Bowlers can easily aim and target the pins and where they want to throw the ball, keeping scores high and the fun rolling.



Textured Approach

The bowler approach area on SPL Boutique lanes has a textured surface designed to facilitate proper bowling form and bowler slide as bowlers release the ball. The result is a better slide, a more accurate release of the ball and higher scores.



Overlap Pin Deck

The last lane panel in the SPL Boutique lane overlaps and secures to the pin deck. This results in the best possible connection between the pin deck and the lane, delivering livelier pin action, higher scores—and happier bowlers.



USBC Approved

The lane surface is approved by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) for sport and competitive play. You can host USBC tournaments on the lanes and any 300 games or other high scores bowlers get will be recognized by the USBC.


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