Rancho Bowl

Rancho Bowl

Ashlee and Luke Carranza

Owners, Rancho Bowl Santa Maria, CA




Ashlee Carranza is fond of stating, "We didn't pick bowling. Bowling picked us." History certainly bears that out. Her husband's grandfather, Mili Acquistapace, built Rancho Bowl way back in 1959, and then passed along the business to his grandson and his wife.  After taking over the family business, the duo started visiting other bowling operations and discovered how far behind the times their center had become. Moving forward in 2014, they decided to upgrade from Twelve Strike scoring to BES X, the world's only Bowler Entertainment System. Soon after, Ashlee shares, "I saw the Harmony furniture and I was just blown away. I hadn't been able to find bowling furniture that I absolutely loved..."

Now with the QubicaAMF renovations complete, Ashlee and Luke can stand back and acknowledge that they have built a sustainable business model that will give them a great return on their investment.  Friday and Saturday nights at Rancho Bowl now often bring two-hour waiting lists. But that doesn't seem to turn away customers as they have noticed they're hanging out, eating, drinking, playing in the arcade, and spending money in other areas of the center. "The investment is well worth it," Ashlee says. "Customers want to see that you are reinvesting the money you spend in new technology and center enhancements. If you don't do it, then someone else will move in down the street and blow you out of the water."


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  • 32


  • 60% Increase

    Year 1 Bowling Revenue

  • 25% Increase

    Year 2 Bowling Revenue

  • 40% Increase

    F&B Sales