Premier Lanes

Premier Lanes

Ricky Bourgeois

Senior VP, MALCO Theaters Louisiana and Mississippi


MALCO Theaters is a family-owned and operated entertainment conglomerate that has been in business for over 100 years.  Overseeing the bowling operations of the vast and very successful network of movies houses, plus bowling and entertainment centers is it's vice president, Rick Bourgeois, who has been making a mark for himself in the industry for some 40 years.  

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"We have been in the business for 100 years. And what we're always looking for is the newest and best innovation that's coming out. QubicaAMF always delivers" - Ricky Bourgeios, Vice President

The work began in 2015 when MALCO opened a new Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in Oxford by the University of Mississippi, Premier Lanes Oxford.  Bowlers were thrilled with the facility and the all-new QubicaAMF equipment.  

We liked it so much...and our customers had such a great experience," Bourgeois says, "that we decided to go ahead and quickly upgrade our facility that had been open just three years."


On glimpsing all its capabilities and potential, and their experience in Premier Lanes Oxford, they quickly realized that the new system would help them create a higher perceived brand value among their clientele; which would lead  to more parties, group events, birthday parties and corporate bookings.  That's when they realized they could benefit from Harmony furniture at this location as well.  Bourgeois shares, "The revenue potential and functionality made purchasing the Infinity furniture an easy decision."

Furthermore, Bourgeois has relied on XLi EDGE Pinspotters in his centers since they first came out in 2012, hailing their reputation for being very simple to operate, easier on pin wear and very reliable - vastly reducing stops that detract from the player experience.  

"I will tell you the XLi EDGE is going 17,000 frames without a stop. We're talking about 1,000 games of bowling on a pinspotter without a stop." - Ricky Bourgeois, Vice President


Ricky and his team at Premier Lanes Entertainment have been in the bowling business long enough to witness incredible change, but also appreciate its heritage, and see its many possibilities.  The engaging, cutting-edge, player-centric technology built into QubicaAMF products has made him more optimistic than ever.



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