HeadPinz - Ft. Myers, FL

HeadPinz - Ft. Myers, FL

Mike Cannington

Director of Sales & Marketing, HeadPinZ Ft. Myers, FL


HeadPinZ Entertainment Center is located in Ft. Myers, FL and features 28 lanes of state-of-the-art bowling, 8 VIP boutique lanes, 4 private retro lanes, an aerial ropes course, laser tag, a full arcade, a restaurant and several bars. Providing a full entertainment option for the Southwest Florida community, HeadPinZ recognizes itself as a Bowling-Based Entertainment Center. According to Mike Cannington, Director of Sales & Marketing for HeadPinZ, "Bowling is the piece that everyone can do, and it's what brings it all together."

We decided to catch up with Mike. When asked why they chose QubicaAMF Mike shares, "In this day and age, customers expect nothing but top shelf. We are asking for a high end dollar for what we sell, so products are critical for what we are offering customers." It is his belief that if you put top quality into a project, you're able to charge top quality prices. Because of this, Mike tells us that they are so far exceeding sales expectations that it's "unbelievable!" HeadPinZ is providing a premiere customer experience and, as a result, they are realizing significant business results.

Watch Mike's video to hear the full HeadPinZ story.


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  • 28


  • 8

    VIP Lanes

  • 30% Revenue

    from bowling

  • 40% Revenue

    from F&B