More than a Tournament...The Bowling World Cup

What is the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup? Some say it's the largest international sports championship, but there is more that meets the eye. It's an event that creates diversity, life-long friendships and even love.

We’ve often say that players strive to win their own country’s elimination competition so they can come back to the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup year after year after year. Why is this? Why is it the most popular tournament in the calendar?

Several reasons spring to mind.

First, it has to be the friendliest tournament around. Each country can only send one man and one woman, so players cannot stick together with just their own team. They all stay at the same hotel, they mix and mingle at breakfast, and on the bus to the bowling centre; they share a coffee at the bowl and a beer or a tea afterwards. Ruslan Ekkel of Kazakhstan said “It’s great to meet people from so many countries. We make lots of friends and that is the best bit about the event.”

And many of the friendships formed at the event last a lifetime. Judy Howlett, runner up in 1985 and now our international media coordinator said: “In Seoul, in 1985, I got to know Sue Cassell of Australia. She was a super bowler and we’ve kept in touch all this time. I met up with her again last year when I went to Australia.”

Judy Friend

Aumi Guerra, champion in 2010 and 2011 commented: “I’ve been 11 times now and it’s like coming home. I know all the guys in the world cup office and they and all the players are like family.”

The players are all champions in their own countries and have earned the right to be here, so they all respect one another. The organisers take pains to ensure that the good players are partnered with the not so good players, and many will help each other out. And of course they mix and mingle on the lanes.

There are two players who have special reason to like the World Cup: Marin Tranier and Samy Anna Saba, playing this year for Vanuatu and Egypt respectively. They met when they both competed in the Bowling World Cup in 1997 in Cairo. They saw each other every year at the tournament but were simply friends until they went to Riga in Latvia. They realised then there was more to their relationship. Marin moved to be with Samy-Anna in Belgium (she is half Belgian), then in June 2006 they moved to Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia. And the summer of 2009 saw their wedding. The first BWC marriage!


“We’re treated like royalty” is a comment you often hear. QubicaAMF and each year’s host ensure tip top hotel accommodation. The opening ceremony and welcome party are part of the deal, as is the victory banquet.

And the event goes around the world to some amazing countries. Krista Pollanen of Finland was enthusiastic about the venues, saying: “The event goes to so many interesting places, places I might never go myself. The cities are super – like Shanghai!” And those who were there will never forget the final in 1997 in front of the sphinx and pyramids just outside Cairo.


The lanes are dressed for each squad giving everyone the best conditions, and many rise to the occasion. It’s not just the top players who bowl well, but those from the so-called lesser bowling nations often hit their own personal bests, making the World Cup memorable for them.

Finally, everyone appreciates the efforts that the various Bowling World Cup managers have put into the event over the years. Anne-Marie Board is known the world over and her calmness and professionalism help make this tournament what it is – the best in the world.




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