Conqueror plus Square Payments

The modern, omnichannel payment solution for bowling entertainment centers


In a first for the bowling industry, QubicaAMF and Square have entered into a long-term partnership to deliver powerful, end-to-end management solutions for bowling entertainment providers.

For our customers, this partnership means the best of both worlds. It brings together technologies from the largest and most innovative bowling equipment provider with the premier ecosystem of payments, restaurant and retail POS, and integrated commerce solutions. With both systems working tightly together, you can deliver the right service for your guests in the right places throughout your business.

Integrating Conqueror plus Square Payments brings big benefits to any bowling entertainment business and many improvements over other current offerings. Several Square Payments features are uniquely available through this partnership. Let's take a look. 


Single payment platform

Conqueror plus Square Payments enables seamless transactions across multiple channels. With support for in-person, kiosk, and online payments, we’re making life easier while delivering a convenient guest experience at every touchpoint with your center.

Transparent and competitive pricing

A simple fee structure with NO HIDDEN FEES, plus fast transfers, deposits, and payment processing! All with competitive processing rates and software options from the leading innovator of commerce solutions.

Robust security and on-demand support

PCI-compliant and end-to-end encrypted hardware, dispute management, and robust fraud prevention (including 3DS).
All backed up by dedicated customer support.

Manage everything centrally

Gain full control of your business. With consolidated reporting and analytics across one or more locations, you’ll have the visibility and insights to make decisions that drive further growth.


Easy-to-use devices at all service points

With Square’s amazingly fast, sleek, and intuitive devices, it’s easier than ever to deliver a consistent and seamless payment experience to your guests while you focus on growing your business.


Improved guest and staff experience

Seamless and intuitive payment experiences cater to both customers and staff. Easy-to-use hardware ensures your staff can be at their best delivering an exceptional guest experience on every visit.

Readiness for Square for Restaurants POS

Coming Soon!

Lay the groundwork now for the next wave of the Conqueror Square integration that will meet customer and business demands of evolving food and beverage operations.


About Square

Founded in 2009, Square’s little white reader quickly became recognized as the easiest way for businesses both large and small to quickly accept card payments and never miss a sale.

Today, Square partners with sellers of all sizes around the globe with an integrated software ecosystem that allows sellers to sell online, manage inventory, run a busy kitchen, book appointments, engage loyal buyers, hire and pay staff, and more. Square’s amazingly fast, sleek, and easy to use devices deliver a modern payment experience on both sides of the counter.

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