House Balls & Rental Shoes

Unique Look, Undeniable Comfort, Unmatched Durability  

Keep your center running at its peak, and your players coming back, with our complete selection of quality house balls and rental shoes. As a leader in bowling manufacturing, QubicaAMF is able to offer a full line of house balls and rentals shoes unmatched by any competitor. Let their comfort and quality help increase your profitability.  



House Balls

When deciding on house balls, centers are looking for an efficient selection and durable product that will last over time. QubicaAMF developed the original Smart Ball™ System, which is proven to increase bowler satisfaction. With features like the Comfort Fit Grip™, quicker lane turnover and guaranteed performance—make the smart choice with QubicaAMF.

Rental Shoes

When searching for the right line of rental shoes, QubicaAMF offers premium style and durability without the premium price. Our rental shoes deliver the ultimate in comfort, style and performance. They provide wearability that helps to keep your bowlers bowling longer and makes your investment last longer.  


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