"When you compare the cost of equipment repair and/or replacement along with the support from QubicaAMF staff, the Extended Warranty program easily pays for itself and has been great value for my business." - Mickey Sullivan, President, Crystal Lanes, Corning, NY

Extended Warranty

Priority Maintenance Support 

The average life span of certain technology may outlast your initial product warranty. Through the QubicaAMF Extended Warranty program, we can help support your product for many years—saving you money over the long run. You receive priority support from QubicaAMF experts to limit center downtime and maintenance costs. You will also benefit from a consistent monthly budget, which can help facilitate your annual maintenance schedule and limit special repairs or new installations.

Extended Warranty_Support

There When You Need It

Our no hassle extended warranty includes FREE priority Technical Support, exchange of faulty equipment and shipping of exchanged items.  Receive a guaranteed low monthly price, while benefiting from peace of mind that you are in goods hands with QubicaAMF.
Available for Qubica and new QubicaAMF Scoring and Management Systems.
NEW! Now available for XLi and EDGE machine chassis’, motors and gearboxes.

Receive Free Extended Warranty Quote

Budgeted Maintenance Schedule

Catering to centers needing center management approval, the Extended Warranty program allows you to maintain a consistent monthly budget, be prepared, and support your maintenance schedule with regular repairs and expert advice to limit maintenance costs.

Tech Support Priority Response

With the QubicaAMF Extended Warranty, you will have access to priority tech support to assist you with your maintenance needs. Our tech support experts troubleshoot problems and are able to diagnose issues without replacing any unnecessary parts, saving you money and getting your center back up and running quickly.

Priority Upgrades

By enrolling in QuibcaAMF’s Extended Warranty program, you will receive priority upgrades to make sure your center is running efficiently and effectively. You'll also get peace of mind knowing you have the most up-to-date products available.


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