Spare Time Lanes - Jefferson, IA

Spare Time Lanes - Jefferson, IA

John and Vickie Woodford

Owners, Spare Time Lanes Jefferson, Iowa


Center owner John Woodford was at his wit's end. The second-generation bowling professional with 18 years of expertise, serious tour experience, and an unquenchable passion for the sport, realized his cherished Spare Time Lanes was sapping his energy. John was spending as much as $70,000 a year on parts and labor to maintain his old 82-30 pinspotters, which were running at 60% efficiency—malfunctioning every night, and forcing him to upset players by moving them to other lanes. This led John to see his local banker with one goal in mind. In his words, "Either I am going to get financing to upgrade my equipment, or I'm going to hang it up."

Luckily for the town of Jefferson, Iowa, John got his financing, and with it brand new XLi EDGE Pinspotters. Thanks to this upgrade, 2015 was the biggest year in both open and league bowling at Spare Time Lanes, and the center enjoyed savings of nearly $40,000 a year. Now, John and Vickie are proud of their family-run center and thrilled to carry on the multi-generational bowling tradition that is in their pedigree.   



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  • 10


  • 65% Increase

    League Bowling

  • 85% Increase

    Open Bowling

  • $40,000 Savings