Rose Bowl HyperBowling Replay magazine Success Story

Rose Bowl HyperBowling Replay magazine Success Story

John Nelson

Owner New Castle


We in QubicaAMF call HyperBowling attraction “revolutionary,” in part because it is “built to extend the reach of bowling beyond the existing bowling population.” The system involves a new set of bowling games designed around an innovative bumper system that is installed directly on the bowling lane, which is then used as part of the game. In HyperBowling, the lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit or avoid, depending on the scenario. Driven by the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, each game has its own unique set of challenges and levels, and includes video game elements like progressive levels, increasing difficulty, risk-reward decisions, high score and other accomplishments.

Four different games provide a variety of challenges to fit different styles, skills and moods.

John Nelson, owner of Rose Bowl in New Castle, Ind., has been using the system since 2019 when it became the fifth facility in the world to install HyperBowling on all of its lanes.

“For years I wanted a third entertainment option, beyond bowling and the arcade, to add to our facility to help grow the business,” he explained. “But I wasn’t willing to give up lanes to install another attraction. When I saw a video presentation of HyperBowling, I immediately signed up. It was exactly what I’d been looking for.”

“We installed HyperBowling about a year before the pandemic hit,” Nelson said. “Within six months, our month-bymonth total revenue was up 30% and gross profit was up 25% compared to the same period the prior year before HyperBowling. Revenue went up for the entire business, not just open bowling. “We also had substantial growth in food and beverage, shoe rental and arcade revenue. We were also way up in 5-star ratings. That trend continued until the business was shut down due to Covid-19.” He attributed the growth directly to HyperBowling and the premium pricing that drove 20% of open play revenue.


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