Hooch & Blotto's - Erie, PA

Hooch & Blotto's - Erie, PA

Nick Scott

Owner, Hooch & Blotto's Erie, PA


In December 2014, Nick Scott made the decision to transform and rebrand his previous sports bar into Hooch & Blotto's Restaurant Bar & Grill. In doing so, he began researching what else he could add to this business model to boost revenues and profitability. After researching many alternatives, Nick Scott and his consultant, Lance Lehr, told us that bowling jumped to the front. "We really liked the aspects of the entertainment value," Lehr said, "and also believed it would be the best option to support our food and beverage operation to maximize all profit centers in the building." Given their limited amount of space, the duo found their solution by installing 8 lanes of Highway66 Mini Bowling with Harmony Infinity Furniture and Ball Returns.

Without a doubt, Scott has been delighted with the return on his investment and his choice to make bowling the anchor of his entertainment business. Less than four weeks after opening the bowling side of Hooch & Blotto's, he enjoyed significantly higher sales revenue. Though Highway66 is technically mini bowling, as far as Scott is concerned there's nothing "mini" about the profitability. Lehr shares, "We're making money on bowling. But for every dollar in bowling, we're also doing a dollar in food and beverage."


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  • 8 Lanes

    Highway 66 Mini Bowling

  • Tripled

    F&B Sales

  • Doubled

    Birthday & Group Events

  • 25%

    Revenue Increase