Customer Resources for COVID-19

The Health of You, Your Customers and Employees is Our Priority

During this special period marked by COVID-19, we would like to provide you with tips and techniques to help you with your business. We understand your priority now is keeping your facility clean and disinfected to allow you to be prepared for reopening.  Within this resource location, you will find thematic sheets where we will continue to add relevant documents as it relates to your business.

While our UK Office in Hemel Hempstead is currently closed, we still have staff available working remotely to assist with any inquires. Do not hesitate to contact us or consult our Facebook page for updated news and information:

Tech Support: +0 1442 286503 or email



Please note, your center’s HVAC / environment control system should be kept running at the specified temperature and humidity conditions for the lanes and the foundation to stay in a stable condition. If the temperature or humidity is too low or too high, performance problems not covered by warranty may occur. We recommend you keeping your center at the following: Temperature (20°C - 24°C) Humidity (40%-60%). Please refer to your Manual for more details.


Maintenance checklist while closed

QR Sheet Standalone booting procedure

QR Sheet Turning on-off Monitors and SuperTouch

QubicaAMF Scoring Power down procedure

Safety and Care of QubicaAMF products

Reopening Checklist

House Ball and Rental Shoe

QubicaAMF Highway66 Safety and Care