Maintain Your Center

In view of the recent COVID-19, we would like to provide the most up-to-date best practices and techniques to keep your facility clean, disinfect and maintain the longevity of your equipment as we know this is top of mind for any proprietors. 

Additionally, if you are preparing or currently closing your center for an extended period, please follow these best practices to protect your scoring equipment and avoid any potential issues. 

Please note, your center’s HVAC / environment control system should be kept running at the specified temperature and humidity conditions for the lanes and the foundation to stay in a stable condition. If the temperature or humidity is too low or too high, performance problems not covered by warranty may occur. We recommend you keeping your center at the following: Temperature (68°F - 75°F/20°C - 24°C) Humidity (40%-60%). Please refer to your Manual for more details.

Maintenance Checklist During Prolonged Closures

QubicaAMF Scoring long-term power down procedure

Turning On-Off your SuperTouch Monitors

Standalone Booting Procedure

Safety and Care of QubicaAMF Products

Reopening Checklist

QubicaAMF Highway66 Safety and Care

House Ball and Rental Shoe