Bowling Operational Tasks to Promote Social Distancing and Safe Interactions for your Guests and Staff


As you transition to reopen, it is important to think about the overall flow of guests through your facility and how to manage guest and staff interactions to ensure proper social distancing. More than ever customers need to feel comfortable when as they visit your center. We’ve assembled guidelines and resources for staff and guest management, including lane management and alternate league formats with flexible formats permitted under Modified USBC Rules to Help Return to Competitive Bowling.

Additional supplemental materials, resources, and information to support these best practices and ideas can be located within the Beyond the Frame section of this site. There you will find previously recorded webinars, industry guest interviews, blog posts, and additional material to support these ideas.


* The information provided on this website is of a general nature. These resources are not intended to be fully comprehensive, nor to provide legal guidance or opinion relative to any national, state, or local executive orders on reopening your business. Centers and their guests are encouraged to follow all Federal, State, and Local reopening and operating guidelines and seek legal advice for their specific purposes.*