39th Annual BCM Design Awards Winners - U.S.

This announcement highlights the bowling industry's dedication to modernization, investment, and a relentless pursuit to elevate the bowling experience.

As leading innovators in Bowling Equipment and Technology, we at QubicaAMF are thrilled to unveil the recipients of the 39th Annual BCM Bowling Design Awards. Spanning a diverse array of categories—from modernized Traditional and Boutique centers to those that masterfully integrate bowling in Restaurant and Arcade facilities—we're proud to say we've showcased the full spectrum of excellence in bowling center design. At QubicaAMF, our mission is to Make Bowling Amazing, and through these awards, we celebrate our ongoing commitment to elevating the bowling experience, one outstanding center at a time. 




Kingpin Lanes - Jeffersontown, Kentucky - BEST MODERNIZED BOUTIQUE/FEC/HYBRID VENUE

The center had undergone a complete remodeling of its arcade in quarters three and four of 2022, prompting even more discussion of a transition from a traditional center to an FEC/hybrid business model. The decision-making process also included knowledge that the marketplace area was seeing the addition of Main Event, Malibu Jack’s, Dave and Buster’s, Putt Shack, and Top Golf venues. To complement the arcade expansion, it was decided to add a four-lane VIP suite, relocate the center’s bar and four-lane mini-bowling room, reshape the pro shop, downsize a meeting room, and remove a music performance area. Comfortable, residential-type furniture and the creative use of lighting throughout has created a relaxed, sophisticated vibe. Other design highlights include bowling areas enlivened with bold, patterned side walls lighted in a geometric pattern and the harmonious integration of materials, colors, and textures. Completing the transition was the installation of the area’s first USBC-certified string pinsetting machines.

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Hampton Lanes - Northampton, Pennsylvania - BEST MODERNIZED TRADITIONAL CENTER

The disaster that struck Hampton Lanes on Feb. 2, 2021 (BCM, September 2023) could not have come at a worse time. It was still three months until Pennsylvania allowed businesses to resume normal in-person operations without restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the Lauchnor family was determined to plan for rebuilding. They visited centers across the country to gain inspiration and incorporate the latest technology into their reconstruction.

They also aimed to pay homage to Hawaii, reflecting their family connections to the U.S. Navy. The result is a reimagined facility that retains an old-school retro vibe with its timeless, simple, comfortable, and appealing spaces. The bowling area features slick, clean finishes and simple curved seating. The bar area is enhanced with the added amenity of a beer wall, while the arcade offers a high-tech, colorful, exciting, and playful space. The project spanned nearly two-and-a-half years, a timeline extended by supply-chain issues and other challenges.

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SupperClub South End - Charlotte, North Carolina - BEST RESTAURANT

Charlotte’s South End neighborhood is largely defined by its architecture, as its industrial origins are giving way to a design renaissance that blends old and new to create a vibrant urban district. SupperClub South End fits right into the neighborhood’s 25-year development plan with its relaxed, welcoming vibe. The well-organized exposed structure ceiling space features an eye-catching remake of the Sistine Chapel ceiling over the dining area.

The area is comfortable and well-lit, with simple fixtures highlighting the framed, bold artwork. Polished concrete floors throughout nicely tie together the restaurant area with the bar and bowling areas.

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FunDimension - Miami, Florida - BEST ARCADE

Envisioned as a cutting-edge entertainment center catering to both adults and families, FunDimension blends captivating attractions with a vibrant ambiance and a comprehensive restaurant offering an array of craft beer and wine options for adults. True to its name, FunDimension delivers a high-tech, colorful, exciting, and playful atmosphere in its arcade. A blend of rawness and refinement combines to maintain a harmonious décor. The colors within the space come alive, being bright and bold, with well-placed super graphics creating dynamic energy.

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