39th Annual BCM Design Awards Winners - International

The BCM Bowling Center Architecture and Design Awards have completed their global tour, showcasing design excellence in bowling centers in this second part of their Awards special featuring International winners

The wait is over, and we are happy to add three more winners to our podium from the 39th Annual BCM Bowling Design Awards.
This year’s awards highlighted an impressive variety of bowling center designs, ranging from modernized traditional and boutique centers to innovative integrations in restaurant and arcade facilities, both in the United States and internationally. As the leading manufacturer of bowling products and technology, we at QubicaAMF are proud of all our projects that were nominated among the 82 entries. It’s an honor for us to continue Making Bowling Amazing.



The Maxx - Veenendaal, Netherlands - BEST EXTERIOR

If one wanted to experience the full spectrum of architectural eye candy in Veenendaal, the itinerary would include several notable attractions. Start at the "oude kerk" (old church), which dates back to the 1500s and has been meticulously restored. Next, visit De Nieuwe Molen, a traditional Dutch windmill that grinds flour every Saturday for visitors to take home. Finally, explore The Maxx, a 14-lane entertainment venue that is modern in every aspect. This contemporary structure features simple yet bold detailing, large-scale lighting fixtures, and an all-glass façade. Interchangeable graphics span the entire width of the façade, consisting of pipe frames and unassuming lighting, advertising the fun inside.

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Gamestate - Antwerp, Belgium - BEST BAR/LOUNGE

Gamestate operates entertainment venues across five countries—Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Bratislava, and Belgium. The company's new 10-lane venue in Antwerp, situated in the centuries-old Diamond District known for its thousands of diamond traders, cutters, and polishers, stands out as a real jewel. The venue features a sculpted ceiling construction with radiating arms that include built-in lighting, defining the entire bar/lounge area. Additionally, a tree-like ceiling structure adorned with glass balls, reminiscent of hanging fruit, uniquely defines the immediate bar area. Various unique types of lighting are used throughout, with sculptural fixtures enhancing a cozy environment. The extensive use of "royal" colors throughout the venue lends an air of elegance, sophistication, and visual appeal.

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Ozone Bowling - Valladolid, Spain - BEST ARCADE

One of the allures of European travel is that there are so many places where the past meets the present, and rather than clashing, they find ways to coexist. This is evident in the northwestern Spanish city of Valladolid, where medieval religious sites, such as the San Pablo Church built in the 1400s, share the landscape with modern venues like Ozone Bowling. Here, a state-of-the-art, 48-game arcade complements the dozen bowling lanes. The venue is designed with excellent sightlines and nicely grouped game positions that encourage customer flow and gameplay. Well-placed lighting, including giant pin-shaped ceiling fixtures, enhances the ambiance, creating an exciting yet welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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