QubicaAMF Introduces BES X, its Newest Bowler Entertainment System

QubicaAMF Introduces BES X, its Newest Bowler Entertainment System
The newest, and world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System, BES X has been engineered to redefine the bowling experience and help centers grow their business.

QubicaAMF Worldwide, the leading manufacturer of bowling and amusement products, is proud to announce the release of BES X, its newest, and world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System. Backed by extensive market research, BES X has been designed to help centers grow their business by maximizing every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to people. BES X delivers more fun, more ways to socialize and more competitive excitement, while making bowling easier, more comfortable and relaxing for people of all ages through unique and innovative features designed to target specific customer segments.
“Our new Bowler Entertainment System is the most innovative product introduced by anyone in the bowling industry in last 20 years, and our biggest effort ever. It’s meant to do for proprietors what automatic scoring did in the 80’s. The system is designed to dramatically increase the appeal of bowling by delivering to each consumer group what they need to have more fun, compete, socialize and relax. The era of traditional automatic scoring is over. Only BES X provides proprietors a unique way to differentiate, drive revenue and win in the marketplace,” says Emanuele Govoni, Chief Marketing Officer, QubicaAMF Worldwide.
The main reason people bowl is to have fun. BES X delivers extreme fun for everyone by offering exclusive new Mad Games, YouToons, Themed Birthday Parties, HD Signature Grids and the largest selection of on-demand environments, games and game formats available. A collection of four new Mad Games offer shorter game formats, simpler ways to score, a faster bowling pace and game themes tailored to specific customer segments. Mad Games increase the opportunity to extend the reach of bowling to more consumers.
YouToons is an exclusive new environment that takes players inside the game to keep them engaged. Bowlers take their picture on the lanes on the new SuperTouch LCD bowler console, which features a built-in camera. YouToons merges those images into the scoring animations, turning customers into characters on the screen as they bowl. Targeting group and corporate events, a “boss” character is included showcasing that critical role in the organization. In addition, BES X offers 18 different environments, including four dedicated, themed birthday environments, over 1,000 unique animations and 26 games.  With Your Lane Your Way bowlers can choose their environment, and now even games, directly from the bowler console. New HD Signature Grids allows bowlers to use their favorite image as the scoring background by loading a picture at the front desk or by taking one at the lane with the SuperTouch LCD bowler console.
“BES X is the first scoring and entertainment system completely built around the desires of consumers and the needs of proprietors. The massive time we spent in bowling businesses of all kinds, in markets all around the world, was incredibly insightful and rewarding. Proprietors told us they were ready for the “next big thing” and we took this very seriously. We can’t wait for bowlers to get their hands on all of the exciting features that BES X has to offer!” says Kelly Wilbar, Senior Product Manager, Scoring and Technology Solutions, QubicaAMF Worldwide.
People also bowl because they want to socialize. BES X offers an extended social reach that customers have come to expect. With its exclusive new Facebook® GameConnect feature bowlers can “Like” and “Check In” at the center, and publish game events directly to Facebook. The exclusive new Lane Chatter feature allows bowlers to chat and text with other lanes. Both features are available directly from the lane with the SuperTouch LCD bowler console and result in a better social experience and more time spent in the center.
The competitive element is another key component of the bowing experience. BES X is designed to provide exciting competitive play at any level, fun or sport. With its new Adaptive Skill Level Games, less experienced bowlers can win against even the most experienced because every bowler can choose their own skill level. The new Bowling Plus environment displays the top moments of the game as it is being bowled while providing easy-to-understand statistics. Score Assist helps aspiring bowlers improve their skills by familiarizing them with how to score the game. In addition, BES X uniquely allows bowlers to review their game statistics on-lane, live and on-demand directly from the SuperTouch LCD bowler console. Scoring is easier and competition is more exciting to follow, keeping bowlers engaged in the game.
People want an experience that is relaxing and worry-free. BES X provides an exceptionally easy and relaxing on-lane experience and was designed to be the easiest and smartest system to interact with. BES X is only system that offers bowlers the ability to extend their bowling session directly from the lane and the new HD Signature Welcome Screens helps bowlers find their way to their lane faster. The exclusive new Virtual Waiter and Video Intercom allows bowlers to order food and drink directly from the lane. Bowlers can scroll through the menu on the SuperTouch LCD console and place their order with the world’s first video call on the lane. Center staff can also proactively video call the lane without leaving their station.
The exclusive new SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles offer a tablet-like look and feel and built-in camera. They provide a user interface engineered for extreme ease of use along with access to innovations like the new YouToons, Facebook® GameConnect, Lane Chatter, Virtual Waiter and Video Intercom, while allowing bowlers to review game statistics and standings “live” at their fingertips. The new EasyKey keyboard consoles offer an intuitive navigation. Only the keys relevant to what the bowler is doing light up. Both consoles are equipped with the new LED Color Effects light feature, capable of projecting over 16 million colors on the pedestal and surrounding floor, creating a fabulous effect and a sophisticated way to help players quickly find their lane. Bowlers will spend less time trying to figure things out, more time focused on the game.
“At QubicaAMF we are passionate about creating products that make a difference, products that go beyond the expectations of our customers and of their customers, the bowlers. Smart phones revolutionized the way people communicate and redefined the entire cell phone product category. BES X does the same. Automatic scoring doesn’t fit the needs of consumers and proprietors anymore. Bowler Entertainment Systems will become the new standard customers come to expect,” states Massimo Baraldi, Vice President, Research and Development, QubicaAMF Worldwide.
In addition to its unique and innovative features, BES X comes with complete in-center marketing kits designed to market to specific customer segments, saving proprietors time and money. An industry first, the six exclusive marketing kits are built into the system and include How-To Guides, static and animated ads for the overhead monitors and SuperTouch LCD bowler console, a website showcase, print ads, press releases and more. Each kit targets a specific market segment giving centers everything they need to attract and re-engage customers.
For more information on how BES X can redefine the bowling experience and grow center revenue, you can watch the video on or click here for a system demo.



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