“The EDGE String Pinspotters have given me peace of mind. They transformed something that was a major source of heartburn into something that is no longer an issue.” – Darrin Skinner, Owner, Lake Wylie Bowl N’ Bounce

A String of Business Success


Owner Darrin Skinner originally opened his FEC in 2012, and today Lake Wylie Bowl N’ Bounce is the preeminent entertainment destination in Lake Wylie, North Carolina. Bowling represents about 30% of his total revenue; however, Darrin’s soon realized his free-fall pinspotters not only had become major headache but also a large expense.

Realizing that 50% of his maintenance costs were consumed from his free-fall pinspotters, he turned to a new pinspotter that could improve both this bottom line and the customer experience. Learn how the new QubicaAMF EDGE String Pinspotters made Darrin’s business Amazingly Easy and provided more freedom to invest and grow his business.


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