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Cover story: Taking bowling to the next level with string pinspotters

“We are  100 percent focused on bowling,” said QubicaAMF CEO and cofounder Emanuele Govoni, “and, frankly, will be for many years to come. It is already very popular, but we believe that there is much more to come – that bowling’s potential is not yet fully unleashed.”

Bowling has a long history both as a sport and as an entertaining activity that just about everyone can play. It gets people out of their homes to have fun and socialize. Today, many entertainment centers have bowling as an attraction –– or as their anchor –– to maximize the appeal of their facilities and drive traffic. “That’s why our mission is so focused on making bowling amazing,” Govoni said. “We constantly innovate to allow our customers to deliver the best possible, and most innovative bowling experience ever, to their consumers.

But it’s not just about just about making it easy for guests. QubicaAMF is focused on making it easier for bowling businesses, too. QubicaAMF’s new pinspotter, the EDGE String, is the “amazingly simple way for investors and existing operators to include the fun of real bowling in entertainment-based projects.” 

“EDGE String is the next generation in string pinspotter technology, packaging revolutionary electromechanical design together with intelligent software into a pinspotter capable of expanding the reach of bowling entertainment like never before,” said Neil Pennington director of bowling capital equipment for QubicaAMF.

Historically, the operational cost and complexity of pinspotter machines has limited how and where bowling entertainment is offered, but this is no longer the case. Qubica says EDGE String is so simple and reliable anyone can learn to operate it and you don’t need any staff dedicated to pinspotters. It also notifies operators through their smartphones if it needs attention, informing what it needs and showing how to do it through reference videos.

Factory reps say it’s now easier than ever to include real bowling in whatever form best fits your business model or concept. From classic ten pin bowling in both standard and shortened versions to duck pin bowling, Highway 66mini bowling and others. With products like BES X, Hyper Bowling, BES X Experiences and EDGE String Pinspotters, the team at QubicaAMF says they are focused on transforming bowling into bowling entertainment by offering more choices to guests and making it easier for staff and operators. 

String bowling offers more choices to guests while also delivering serious benefits to staff and operators: labor and cost savings, plus more reliable performance. Learn how EDGE String has made it easier than ever to include real bowling in whatever form best fits a center’s business model or concept.


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