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The World on a String: Is competition on string at The World Games a good for sport bowling?

"The use of string pin machines cannot be ignored, and this thought is amplified with the announcement that string pin machines will be used at The World Games. The results will probably fall in two factions: the purists who resist change; and those with a more open mind and accept change. Hopefully there's a happy medium, and the results will determine what happens in the long term. We cannot ignore the issue. It's a case of, ' Buy them, bowl on them, and like them.' They are here to say. " Jim Decker - BPAA President.

International Bowling Industry asked a cross-section of top stakeholders in the bowling business and sport of bowling what their take on the string pin machine debate is and how The World Games 2022 being bowled on EDGE String will impact the evolution of the bowling industry. You’ll want read all they have to say!


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