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Cover Story: String Theory - A tournament like no other

If you are going to tell the likes of 16-time PBA Tour champion Jason Couch, 40-time titlist Norm Duke, 20-time champion Amleto Monacelli, or all-time leading titlist Walter Ray Williams Jr. (47) that they are about to experience something on the lanes they never before have experienced, it had better be something pretty unusual. While those pro-bowling legends brought a combined 123 PBA Tour titles to Headpinz Entertainment Center in Naples, Fla., the weekend of July 25 to bowl QubicaAMF’s “Some Strings Attached” tournament, they brought almost no experience bowling on string-pin machines. That changed as soon as they shoed up to bowl the event, however, as it called upon competitors to alternate between free-fall and string-pin lanes for the length of an eight-game qualifying round. Those among the top 12 who advanced to an additional three-game block to determine the top stepladder fi nalists then bowled entirely on stringpin lanes, as did those who made the championship round. This was, in the truest sense of the phrase, a one-of-a-kind experience for players who have seen everything on the lanes over their decades-long careers.