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Strings in the Spotlight: A report from Florida, plus the top 3 reasons owners like string machines

There have been tournaments that consisted partially of bowling and partially of golf.

There have been tournaments that featured two different bowling games — such as 5-pins and tenpins at centers in Canada that offered both options.

But on the weekend of July 25-26 2020, there was a bowling tournament like no other. In this case, there was only one game — tenpin bowling — but there were two types of pinsetting machines utilized: traditional free-fall machines, and EDGE String Pinspotters from QubicaAMF. An invitational tournament, featuring a number of hall of famers and other high-caliber bowlers, took place on Saturday, followed by a separate “open” tournament on Sunday. HeadPinz Entertainment Center in Naples, Fla., was the host, and the format for each event called for entrants to bowl across 16 lanes — eight equipped with free-fall machines, and eight equipped with strings. The top 12 qualifi ers advanced to a second round of three games, followed by a top-fi ve stepladder fi nals bowled on lanes equipped with the EDGE String pinspotters. The name of the tournament? The QubicaAMF “Some Strings Attached” Invitational.


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