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Understanding Consumer Perceptions of Bowling and the Opportunity for Bowling Innovation  

Why do people choose bowling today? What gets in the way? How can HyperBowling reinvent the traditional game— to attract more players and help grow revenues?

The Challenge:

How to reach millions of the world’s non-bowlers

 Bowling is the primary reason many people visit entertainment centers. When they bowl more, they spend more around the facility on food and beverages, plus arcade and other attractions, delivering a rising tide effect on revenues. Still, in spite of bowling’s enduring popularity, there are millions of people who don’t bowl. Only about 15% of the U.S. population bowls in any given year with similar statistics in other mature bowling markets. The question is, why? We at QubicaAMF accepted this as a challenge and conceived a compelling proposition: Reinventing bowling to make it even more attractive and relevant would be a revolutionary advancement and major boon for the entire entertainment industry.



Introduce millions of new bowlers to the game, re-energize casual players, and ignite a stream of repeat bowling business

Given the inherent value of bowling as a recreational activity, and its untapped revenue producing power, we asked, “Is there a prevalent unmet need bowling is not fulfilling today?” On that basis we sought to more fully understand consumer feelings and perceptions about traditional bowling, looked to find unseen opportunities within the bowling market, and strived to determine whether the market would be receptive to innovative “reinventions” of the game. Accordingly, QubicaAMF commissioned a quarter-million-dollar multi-phase market study employing two professional research firms to reach and interact with more than 1,000 consumers. Three phases have been completed to date with a fourth planned for later in 2019. The focus of the study was primarily on casual, social bowlers.

The results of the completed phases are eye-opening. What’s more, they have confirmed the need for a new product designed to attract and introduce millions of new bowlers to the game, re-energize casual players, and ignite a stream of repeat bowling business.


QubicaAMF’s quarter-million-dollar market study confirmed the need to introduce an exciting new product designed to re-energize players and introduce millions of new bowlers to the game.


Key Takeaways:

  • Bowling endures as one of the world’s most popular recreational activities, but still there is an opportunity to reach people who are not bowling today
  • Players’ actual or perceived lack of skill, plus aspects of the traditional ten-frame game, create barriers to full bowling enjoyment
  • HyperBowling builds on and improves the most successful aspects of traditional bowling
  • HyperBowling offers the engagement and interactivity of a video game but on a real bowling lane, with exciting sounds and visuals, progressively challenging levels, moving targets and score multipliers
  • Research proves that HyperBowling can attract more players, spur more repeat visits, and boost spend-per-visit



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