HyperBowling Case Study

Understanding Consumer Perceptions of Bowling and the Opportunity for Bowling Innovation

How do you reinvent the bowling experience and extend the reach of bowling to everyone? What is attractive to those who would never consider or have previously dismissed the bowling activity? And, how can you take advantage of the population who plays video games?

The answer: HyperBowling. It delivers the perfect blend of bowling and gaming. It is the ideal way to tap into the huge gaming audience, like Millennials, and provides a platform that everyone can enjoy so you can reach beyond your existing bowling base.

As part of our $3,500,000 investment to create HyperBowling we commisioned an extensive consumer research study that involved over 1,000 casual bowling and non-bowling consumers to gather their reactions to bowling and HyperBowling. We'd love to share this with you and how you can unleash the full potential of bowling. Read our exclusive case study today to learn why 9 out of 10 consumers LOVE HyperBowling and would recommend it to their friends!

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