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TMS Pinspotter

The only string pinspotter built for a better bowling experience

In the last decade no other company has installed more string pinspotters than QubicaAMF. We put our 70-plus years of pinspotter experience to work by perfecting a design that allows anyone to offer bowling as an exciting revenue-generating attraction.

The TMS Pinspotter is a great option if you are looking to provide bowling purely for fun and entertainment. Furthermore, the TMS Pinspotter gives you authentic bowling fun with less operational complexity and costs than other pinspotter alternative.

A Better Bowling Experience

The unique design and technology incorporated within the TMS Pinspotter make the bowling experience better and more exciting than on any other string pinspotter.

A Better Ownership Experience

The TMS Pinspotter is easier and more economical for you and your staff to operate than other string pinspotters.


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