EDGE String Pinspotter

The Amazingly Simple Way to Offer Bowling!


Say hello to a new era of bowling – one where you no longer struggle to find qualified technicians, your pinsetters don’t break down, and lanes stay open. Now is the time to save thousands of dollars per lane, per year. You will sleep well at night knowing the good times will keep on rolling.

EDGE String Pinspotter’s simple and robust design means any member of your staff will be able to operate it. Operation is made even easier with the innovative Tech Wizard app, which proactively notifies and guides your staff if attention is needed. The bowling experience is amazing, your bowlers will think they are bowling on a traditional pinspotter.

See how much EDGE String machines could save your business with our easy-to-use  Operational Cost Savings Estimator.

Amazing Bowler Experience

The bowling experience of EDGE String Pinspotter is second to none. Pins are always on spot, pin action is lively, strings are hidden, and its USBC-Approved design delivers authentic pin action and scoring in-line with free-fall. 

Simple Operation

EDGE String machine’s simple, robust design means your center’s operations will roll along easily. Any member of your staff can be taught to operate the EDGE String Pinspotter and it requires very little servicing. 

Tech Wizard

Your go-to app for EDGE String Pinspotter with real-time notifications, Tech Wizard provides step-by-step instructions and video guidance on what needs to be done to the machine – and fast. 

Exceptional Performance & Quality

EDGE String Pinspotter combines revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinsetter that delivers the fun of bowling, at a very low operating cost. It’s patent-pending, Adaptive String Technology allows for all types of bowling play.

Adaptive String Length Technology

This Exclusive EDGE String Pinspotter feature* allows you to automatically adjust string length based on the type of bowling play – ensuring your bowlers, and your center operations, enjoy industry-best performance across all casual play and certified competition.

* Functionality is available on the USBC-Approved version of EDGE String only, and requires Conqueror and BES X scoring.

Industry Certified Pinspotter*

The EDGE String Pinspotter is USBC and IBF certified, making it the ideal choice for all levels of competitive play.


* Two versions of EDGE String machine are offered. USBC certification is available only with the USBC-Approved version of EDGE String Pinspotter.

Operational Cost Savings Estimator

See how much your business could save with EDGE String!

Plug your actual numbers into our easy-to-use online estimator to get an idea of the annual operational cost savings your bowling center could gain from replacing your current free-fall machines with QubicaAMF EDGE String Pinspotters. 


We are here to be your partner in Making Bowling Amazing! When you choose QubicaAMF, you choose a team with shared passions and products built for decades of amazing performance. We leverage our passion for the sport with our experience of engineering bowling solutions. We invite you to check out our materials for more information.

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