EDGE String

The Amazingly Simple Way to Offer Bowling!


EDGE String is the next generation in string pinspotter technology, packaging revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinspotter that makes it possible for any center to deliver the fun of bowling, with peace of mind and at very low operating cost.

EDGE String’s simple and robust design means any member of your staff will be able to operate it.  Operation is made even easier with the innovative Tech Wizard app, which proactively notifies and guides your staff if attention is needed.  The bowling experience is amazing, your bowlers will think they are bowling on a traditional pinspotter.

Access The String Bowling Revolution site, the industry’s first and only comprehensive information source on string machines, to stay up to date on the latest string machine news, events and  certification around the world.  


Anyone Can Operate

The EDGE String is the friendliest pinspotter ever! Built so any member of your staff can easily be taught how to operate it.

Tech Wizard

Tech Wizard is an expert system app that makes operating EDGE String even easier by providing proactive notifications and guidance.

Amazingly Authentic Experience

With EDGE String, your customers will have an amazingly authentic bowling experience reflective of traditional pinspotter machines.


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Access The String Bowling Revolution site to stay up to date on the latest string machine news, events and  certification around the world—and learn how operators can now deliver sport bowling and entertainment more efficiently, more profitably and more sustainably than ever before.

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