1985 Seoul, South Korea

Seoul was already in the grips of Olympic fever, with the Olympics still three years away, when the AMF Bowling World Cup travelled to Bang 10, the four-story host center. So it would have been appropriate if Britisher Judy Howlett, whose brother competes in Olympic-level yachting, had won the women's title. Indeed, Howlett, a fitness buff and a frequent competitor in the World Cup, led most of the way and looked like a tournament lock.

But the one thing Howlett couldn't do was overcome the luck of the Irish in the championship match. Tall, red-haired Marjorie McEntee, a barmaid from Dublin, walloped her British neighbor, 205-171 and 196-167, to capture Ireland's first-ever major international title. It was McEntee's first and only moment on the international stage; she drifted from sight after Seoul and was not heard of again.

The following afternoon, Mexico's Alfonso Rodriguez avenged his 1980 loss to Paeng Nepomuceno by winning the men's title. Rodriguez punched out with a dramatic three-bagger in the 10th for a 206-193 victory over long-time Dutch national team member Eric Kok.


Since the first event in 1965, winning AMF’s Bowling World Cup title has been the most coveted goal in amateur bowling. Whether held in the shadows of the Great Pyramids in or under the bright lights of , each tournament has provided unforgettable moments from competition that has spanned five decades.

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