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String pinspotter adoption is skyrocketing, in the USA and all over the world, rapidly improving bowling operations and greatly expanding the reach of the sport. These innovative, reliable machines help operators and new investors deliver both authentic sport bowling competition and exciting entertainment that’s easier, more efficient, more profitable and sustainable than traditional free-fall pinspotting machines. 

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Exclusive Global Bowling Equipment Partner for the International Bowling Federation (IBF) for Tenpin Bowling through 2030. EDGE String is compliant with all IBF string machine specifications for sport league and tournament play and will be used for all IBF elite events, multi-sport games events and where bowling is featured in temporary locations.

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String bowling is making headlines and causing major excitement around the globe. And for good reason. See for yourself by browsing our collection of news items, articles, press releases and special event reporting.

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The operational costs of free-fall pinspotting machines are one of the biggest bowling center expenses. But can string bowling machines cut these costs and make life easier for proprietors?  Can you calculate those costs? Our informative business cases, white papers and operational cost savings estimator show why bowling string machines are right for the long-term success of the industry—and your business.





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Become a string bowling believer. Dig into first-hand proprietor success stories that talk about the effectiveness of string machines and sport bowling, or string pinspotters and casual bowling. Make our library of customer stories, testimonials and engaging videos part of your due diligence.


L’adozione delle macchine posa birilli a filo sta crescendo sia negli Stati Uniti che nel mondo ad un ritmo vertiginoso, permettendo di ottimizzare la gestione dei centri bowling e spingendo la diffusione di questo sport. Le nostre nuove EDGE STRING, innovative ed affidabili, stanno aiutando operatori e nuovi investitori ad offrire ai loro clienti sia l’autentica esperienza del bowling che un coinvolgente divertimento in una maniera più semplice, più efficiente, più profittevole e sostenibile rispetto alle tradizionali macchine a birilli liberi.