Great for the Sport

String machines are being used increasingly in competitive sport bowling applications globally. They are just as exciting and challenging for competitive bowlers as free-fall machines and overall scoring has been shown to be close to that of free-fall in real-world play. Recognizing this, the IBF approved string machines for competitive bowling and its member federations representing countries around the world are rapidly following.

The EDGE String pinspotter is the only string pinspotter designed with the needs of sport bowling in mind and is compliant with all International Bowling Federation (IBF) string machine requirements for sport league and tournament play.

Through the videos and documents you find here, learn how only EDGE String was designed for the sport and get an feel for how the pin action on EDGE String performs.  


Video: Lewistown Lanes

Four league bowlers share their experiences bowling on EDGE String

Video: Dover Bowl

We talk to Owner, Mark Bowen about his switch to EDGE String

QubicaAMF Research Study

Scoring & Pinfall Behavior of EDGE String vs Free-Fall Machines

Video: EDGE String Pin Action

Specific shots help players evaluate the resulting EDGE String pin action

International Bowling Federation Certifies String Machines

Recent Federation ruling bodes well for the future of sport bowling