String Machines Are Good for Business

For bowling investors and owners, operational costs of free-fall pinsetting machines are high on the list of financial concerns.  Real world experience shows that string bowling machines can cut these costs, improve the guest experience and satisfy sport bowling leagues, too. Our informative business cases, white papers and operational cost savings estimator show how bowling string machines add up to a smart investment.

The Business Case for EDGE String Pinspotter

Introduced in 2019, EDGE String revolutionized string pinspotter technology and transformed the industry by providing an amazingly simple and cost-effective way to offer bowling. Now, QubicaAMF's EDGE String Pinspotter is the #1 selling string machine in the world with over 11,500 machines installed in over 600 centers and over 50 countries.

QubicaAMF Research Study

Scoring & Pinfall Behavior of EDGE String vs Free-Fall Machines

Operational Cost Savings Estimator

See how much money string bowling machines could save your business