A Message from our CEO

Qubica was driven by dreams. When we incorporated it in 1993, it was the smallest bowling scoring system company in the world, without a product to sell! We developed our first product and a few years later we started to believe we could actually become the technology leader in bowling, in the scoring and management systems business. We were crazy enough to think it could happen, despite the fact we were just a small startup company with a handful of employees, and despite the size of AMF and Brunswick, the industry leaders. We were truly driven by dreams and by the healthy and propelling arrogance of a bunch of kids in their 20s.

Now those kids are almost (or over) 50, and Qubica, little Qubica, has transformed to become QubicaAMF. A company with over 580 employees.

My partners and I have the privilege to own and lead QubicaAMF, the market leader, the largest bowling equipment (not just scoring) company in the world! This was beyond our imagination!

Our adventure has been truly fascinating. We are so blessed.

Qubica will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018. So many positive things are happening with our company that we want to share our journey around the excitement, products and dreams that continue to move us forward! We want to share why we feel we can make the difference in bowling by Making Bowling Amazing!

If you give us the benefit of the doubt and continue to read, you will discover why Making Bowling Amazing has always been our mission. This is our way of showing how much we care, and will continue to care—about our customers and their success, our employees and their families, bowling, our industry and our company.

We are convinced. Bowling has so much more potential to attract and entertain even more people, more often. We will go the extra mile to innovate more than ever before, to extend the bowling population, to reach the younger generations, to increase their spending and frequency of visits. We truly feel we can make the difference, to protect the future of our customers, our people and our families.

We hope you will spend a little time reading our story and getting to know QubicaAMF, our people and the dreams that move us forward. If you do, we hope you will find our 25 year journey and plans for the future as exciting and relevant as we think they are!


Very Truly Yours,

Emanuele Govoni
Co-Founder, President and CEO, QubicaAMF

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