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Redefine the Bowling Experience. Grow Your Business

Do you find it hard to fill up lanes, get your customers to bowl more or visit more often? It can be even more challenging when you consider that each customer wants an exciting, individualized experience every time they walk through your door. So, how do you meet these challenges and maximize customer spend (and profit) with every visit? 

The answer is BES X. The most innovative, and the world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System from QubicaAMF.

Only BES X is designed to maximize every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to customers by delivering more fun, more ways to socialize and more competitive excitement—all while making it easier, more comfortable and more relaxing for people of all ages.


EXtreme Fun for Everyone | EXciting Competitive Play | EXtended Social Reach | EXceptionally Easy, Comfortable and Relaxing

EXTREME Fun for Everyone

Having fun is the primary reason that people come to bowling and entertainment centers. But proprietors have told us that the traditional tenpin game is too long and not easy to understand for many customers, and that traditional scoring systems don’t adapt to the individual tastes of different customer segments. Only BES X gives you the widest and most innovative variety of on-lane entertainment options available anywhere.



EXCITING competitive play

The competitive element is a key component of the bowling experience. Young or old. Expert or novice. Everyone likes to win, whether beating friends at a friendly game or putting it on the line for the big tournament trophy. BES X enhances competitive play at any level—fun or sport.

EXTENDED social reach

People go bowling to socialize, but traditional scoring systems don’t allow bowlers to extend their reach beyond the lanes. Let them share their experience with their social network and socialize with other people in the center, and you’ve made a “friend” for life. A BES X exclusive.

An EXCEPTIONALLY easy & relaxing experience

It’s simple. People bowl because the experience is enjoyable, relaxing and worry-free. And they don’t bowl when it isn’t. That’s why we made BES X the easiest and smartest system in the world to interact with, slashing the time customers spend trying to figure things out. Now they can spend more time enjoying their stay.



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BES X Demo

The BES X Demo was developed to give you a taste of the unique experience BES X can bring to your center and your customers. Feel free to maneuver through the demo and discover all that BES X has to offer.

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