AccuVision Monitors

The Only Long-Term Display Solution Built Exclusively for Bowling Centers

Offering top-of-class video conversion, commercial-grade AccuVision Monitors are the smart way to give your bowling center that modern look customers expect, reduce costly downtime, and enjoy single-source convenience with QubicaAMF.

Today, nearly 30,000 lanes are equipped with AccuVision Monitors, making it the #1 selling monitor in its category.


The best long-term solution for your center

Enjoy a better return on investment, more convenience and greater peace of mind thanks to:

Commercial-grade monitors
Ensures longer life, quicker repairs and less down time
A consistent appearance
A clean, elegant design from year-to-year
Easy exchange and repairs
We stand behind what we sell, stock commonly used parts, and offer rebuilds to limit your downtime. *Valid only for AccuVision Monitors sold in the USA


Built exclusively for bowling centers

The easiest way to give your customers the fresh look and the feel they expect with:

An elegant, professional design
Unlike off-the-shelf consumer monitors.

Clean, safe and professional installation
—thanks to a dedicated enclosure for the video conversion unit.

End-to-end QubicaAMF convenience
You make just one call for quick and professional warranty and support requests.


LED Technology

The latest technology for LCD displays. The 42” features full HD capability and is 40% lighter and 60% thinner than a traditional LCD. Both the 32” and 42” consume as much as 60% less power, offer a contrast ratio 10X higher, feature more saturated colors and provide a brighter, cleaner image.


Legacy Program

QubicaAMF offers three smart options when upgrading to new monitors—one just right for your center, your vision, and your budget:

  • A Complete Upgrade Package
  • Video Conversion Kit And Support Brackets
  • Video Conversion Kit Only


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