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Why HyperBowling?

How do you reinvent the bowling experience and extend the reach of bowling to everyone? What is attractive to those who would never consider or have previously dismissed the bowling activity? And, how can you take advantage of the population who plays video games?

The answer: HyperBowling. It delivers the perfect blend of bowling and gaming. It is the ideal way to tap into the huge gaming audience, like Millennials, and provides a platform that everyone can enjoy so you can reach beyond your existing bowling base.

With HyperBowling you don’t need to be a bowler–everyone can play and win! It brings a high tech and modern WOW visual experience that draws attention. And, it features smart interaction with appealing and engaging gameplay! All of its elements work together to drive players to want to play more and see more of the game – and come back more often too!



*HyperBowling is a registered trademark of QubicaAMF in the U.S. and in other countries. HyperBowling, its features and technologies are patent pending in the U.S. and in other countries.

Did you know?

The U.S. population is 326M and only 14% go bowling once or more per year.

How do you reach 280M people in the U.S. who don't bowl today?

Consider this:

  • 150 million people, nearly half of the U.S. population, play video games routinely
  • 50% of males play, 48% of females play
  • Nearly 2 out of 3 adults under 50 play video games routinely!
  • Frequent players spend 4.6 hours per week playing video games physically together (at home or elsewhere)

How can you take advantage of the 150M people who play video games?



How do you reach the 280M people who don't bowl today?

How can you engage the 150M people that play video games?

HyperBowling. It goes above and beyond:

  • to extend the bowling population
  • to reach young adults and millennials
  • to increase their spending and frequency of visits
  • to increase your revenue

Let's see how...

No need bowler to win sq

Everyone can play & win

With HyperBowling you don’t need to be a good bowler to win. It’s easy to learn, easy to play and easy to score. There is no need to make difficult shots–strikes in a row, spares and hard splits have no meaning. And, there is no need to learn the complex scoring of the game.

Anyone using any weight ball can play, and win, thanks to the HyperBump. Patent pending, this engineering effort has resulted in a true next-gen product—the first of its kind. Its unique design supports sustained impacts by any bowler, with any weight ball.

4 games sq

It delivers a WOW visual experience

HyperBowling delivers a WOW visual experience that draws attention and adds new dimensions to traditional bowling! When people see it, they will want to play!

The LED lights on the bumpers and pins not only look high tech, but are visually engaging and the drivers of an entirely new set of games. Players are faced with a variety of colorful targets to hit (or avoid) on the bumper.


Appealing & engaging gameplay

HyperBowling has incredibly appealing and engaging gameplay. It was built to entertain and be endlessly replayable and delivers an experience that gamers expect and will enjoy.

Four different games provide a variety of challenges to fit different styles, skills and moods. They feature arcade-like gameplay, for the casual gamer, just like a video game or app, including progressive levels, increasing difficulty, real risk/reward decisions, high score and accomplishments. All of this comes together to drive players to play more and see more of the game – to push for the achievements and to want to level-up.

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