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What is HyperBowling?

HyperBowling is a new set of bowling games designed around an innovative, new bumper system, which is actually meant to be used as part of the game. Now, everyone can play and win because every shot counts every time!

The lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit (or avoid). Each game has its own unique set of challenges and levels and includes video-game elements never before seen in bowling such as progressive levels, increasing difficulty, real risk/reward decisions, high score and accomplishments.

Combined with exciting visual action on the BES X scoring system overhead monitors and new user interfaces on the SuperTouch consoles, HyperBowling plays like a video game on a bowling lane.



*HyperBowling is a registered trademark of QubicaAMF in the U.S. and in other countries. HyperBowling, its features and technologies are patent pending in the U.S. and in other countries.


HyperBowling Basics

First, you must hit the bumper to score! Colorful targets on the bumpers are each worth a different multiplier value (2X, 3X,…) and each pin knocked down is worth 100 points. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 pins down scores 1,600 points! But watch out, the red target always results in a 0 score.


video-game appeal

HyperBowling was designed with a video-game approach in mind. Games, menus and instructions are available from the BES X bowler console, accessible by each player.

There are different challenges and levels to explore within each game allowing for super high scores. On-screen visual action like high score rankings, turns, target values and results are easy to follow with a high tech, futuristic feel. Visuals and screens are tightly linked to the lights and action on the lanes creating unique and immersive experience every time you play. 


Our signature game is designed for everyone! The visuals and screens are tightly linked to the action on the lanes. Escalating levels of colorful targets in different sizes and positions on the bumper correspond to a multiplier. The on-lane animations show you your score once the target is hit.


Here you get same basic game mechanics and scoring as HyperBowl, but with seriously escalating challenges and shots! Built for the skilled (or wannabe skilled) player, HyperBowl PRO features complex targets with movement, changing sizes and bigger scoring risks.


Players split themselves up on two teams from the on-lane SuperTouch console and each team chooses a color. The bumpers start out with no colors and players compete to “claim” territory along the bumpers – a hit in a dark area lights that section in your team color. Claim more of the bumpers and you win!


A game with fast changing targets inspired by a classic TV game show. Hit the right color to multiply the pins, but hit the red and get a zero! A combination of skill and luck, this game is perfect for everyone. It also includes a favorite BES X feature–bowlers take their photos on the SuperTouch console to become part of the action on the overhead monitors!

HYPERBUMP Technology

At the heart of the game is an all new, hi-tech bumper system, the HyperBump.

The HyperBump was built to be a beast! Patent pending, this engineering effort has resulted in a true next generation product—the first of its kind. Its unique design supports sustained impacts by any bowler, with any weight ball. Sensors in the HyperBump keep track of where the ball is on the lane, and if and where the it hits the bumpers.

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