Expand the reach of bowling beyond imagination


HyperBowling is a revolutionary new bowling-based attraction that is built to extend your reach beyond the existing bowling population—to reach younger generations like Millennials, increase their spending and frequency of visits—and ultimately your revenue.

It is an amazing blend of software, mechanical design, futuristic user interfaces, electronics, lights and sensors, which together deliver a never before seen on-lane experience!

We are convinced that bowling has so much more potential to attract and entertain even more people, more often. With HyperBowling we plan to help our customers fully unleash it!


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*HyperBowling is a registered trademark of QubicaAMF in the U.S. and in other countries. HyperBowling, its features and technologies are are registered patent in the U.S. and in other countries.

What is HyperBowling?

HyperBowling delivers the perfect blend of bowling and gaming. It is the ideal way to tap into the huge gaming audience like Millennials and adults, and provides a great platform that everyone can enjoy so you can reach beyond your existing bowling base.

Hyper Global Moods

Hyper Global Moods creates a blending of vibrant intelligent lighting across the lanes and on the pins that is fully integrated into the bowling experience.  Learn how you can set the perfect mood for your center!

The Core Opportunity

HyperBowling makes bowling exciting even for those who don’t bowl often enough to fully enjoy traditional competition. Learn about our extensive consumer research and why more than 90% of people enjoy HyperBowling and would recommend it to their friends!


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