One system for the ultimate consumer journey 

Competition is fierce. Today’s consumers have more choices than ever, and so many ways to enjoy them—almost instantly. Make sure they choose you with the intelligent marketing tools Conqueror X has to offer, from smart reservation systems to a frequent bowler tracker, a robust loyalty program and much more.

Conqueror X is your built-in, money-making marketing machine.


Advanced Reservations

Manage events, web bookings and walk-ins simultaneously—without conflict—with the only booking management tool that offers real-time interaction with the lanes. Event deposits, food and beverage orders, lane and bowler options and more are simpler than you could ever imagine.


Frequent Bowler Tracker

Make all your marketing efforts more productive and cost-effective. Capture a detailed purchase history and play habits of your best customers. Powerful and flexible tools  and reports help you develop engaging promotions and communications to grow your business.


Players Club Loyalty Program

Drive repeat visits, customer loyalty and greater revenue. Enable guests to earn and pay with points. Create lucrative promotions and capitalize on loyalty tiers to reward your most important customers. Conqueror X’s intelligent marketing helps you build a smarter business.

Conqueror Web

Conqueror Web is the only booking tool designed to drive bowling entertainment and help nudge guests to spend more in your center. Create web offers that feature unique bowling content, packages, bundled activities. Showcase F&B, activities and non-bowling extras. Highly customizable and beyond simple booking, guests can see all your programs making it easy for them to buy-up by finding their perfect bowling experience.