Conqueror QPad

Designed as the perfect complement to the Conqueror Pro POS and Management System, the Conqueror QPad is the only handheld solution that extends the power of Conqueror to any service point, anywhere in your facility allowing you to deliver a superior guest experience and drive superior revenues.


Fully Portable & Fully integrated

The Conqueror QPad lets you conduct transactions and have guest interactions beyond the traditional service points like the front desk or snack bar. All screens navigate and function the same way on the Conqueror QPad as they do in all Conqueror Pro modules, including lane management, time games, bar, pro shop and waiting list. Having one system throughout your center makes everything run better.


Complete and robust functionality

Conqueror QPad provides a comprehensive set of functions that add value in all areas of your business:

Servers - With the complete set of Conqueror POS functions

Concierge & Party Hosts - Enhance the entire guest experience from the moment they arrive at the center

League & Tournament Coordinators - Full control of the entire competitive experience from anywhere in the building

Technicians/Mechanics - Fully manage camera, monitor and pinspotter controls and all technical settings without the need to run back and forth to the front desk

Center Management - The full power of the front desk is now at your command to handle any situation wherever you need to be in the facility


Flexible and simple, fast and powerful

Like no other system out there, Conqueror Pro provides superior performance for the widest variety of business models, from the small, family-managed center to the big, complex center. Conqueror QPad is the best answer to address the changing operational needs of every bowling busines to better manage today’s customer expectations.

Wireless credit card terminals make payments a breeze

The perfect companion to the Conqueror QPad, wireless credit card terminals allow you to manage payments anywhere in the center. These terminals are fully integrated and secure, same as the wired devices currently used. They are also fully compliant with PCI and EMV standards and include endpoint to endpoint encryption.


Conqueror Wi-Fi ties it all together

Provided by QubicaAMF, it is a turn-key extension of the existing secure network connecting the Conqueror QPad and wireless credit card terminals. Unlike “off the shelf” solutions, this is specifically designed to maximize the performance of Conqueror devices providing centers with the reliability and peace of mind that everything works together safely, easily and efficiently.


Real revenues with: easy, fast and smooth check-in

Greet bowlers as they arrive in the center and keep the crowd away from the front desk. Manage the waitlist and shorten the time it takes to get bowlers to their lane. The result: faster lane turns, avoidance of slow-downs, a better guest experience and ultimately more bowling that equals more revenue – particularly during critical peak times.


Real revenues with: easy to extend and upsell bowling

No need for the bowler to return to the front desk and wait in line. Let the staff interact with bowlers right on the lanes encouraging them to stay longer and upselling them to other offers – before their game ends. The result: more direct bowling revenue and a higher average spend per visit.


Real revenues with: easy to order food and beverage

With the full POS functionality available from the Conqueror QPad it is easier than ever to fulfill guest orders. The result: fast and accurate orders without the customer ever having to go wait in line translates to more spending on food and beverage.

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