Conqueror POS

Managing birthday and corporate parties, simple and complex transactions, and handling customers who move around your center has never been easier. And now, it can all be done seamlessly with Conqueror POS.


Same POS interface everywhere

POS screens navigate and function the same way in all Conqueror Pro modules, including lane management, time games, bar, pro shop, waiting list, and booking. With Seamless Transactions, you can provide customers with one bill at checkout, which covers all of their activities and purchases during their visit.


Credit Card transaction management*

Securely accept credit cards for pre-authorization and maintain transaction information in the system as a final-payment option. Process all credit card transactions through one seamless process and present a single bill to the customer. Accepts all kinds of interactions: dip, tap or swipe the card, ApplePay and Google Wallet, credit and debit, chip & PIN and chip & sign. Conqueror Pro is out of the PA-DSS scope and fully compliant with the latest guidelines from the PCI Security Standards Council regarding credit card data storage; processing and transmission; and, last but not least, it is ready for EMV, therefore protecting you against the Liability Shift.

*Varies by country and credit card processor.

Flexible and advanced tab management

Split and merge tabs and lane bills for individual or combined billing. Ring F&B items directly to a lane. Open a tab without being connected to a specific lane or table, and without a sale. Recall a closed-out tab to make changes. Handle booked event tabs with ease.

Dynamic pricing and modifiers

Have pricing automatically adjust based on time of day, day of the week or both. Handle happy hours and holidays with equal ease. Enhance F&B sales with modifiers and changes including up-charge and no-charge items.


Customize the layout and display of categories and price key buttons and ensure quick, accurate transactions. Make things easy on your staff and fast for customers.

Mixed packages and Open-Choice menus

Easily handle mixed packages, such as two games plus a soda and cheeseburger. Split revenues in reporting ensures that revenues go to the right department.

Provide flexibility for groups, such as a birthday package where each child can choose his or her drink and food.

Tax management

Comprehensive and flexible tax management to accommodate your accounting needs. Support for both added and included taxes. Easy handling of tax exemption and special circumstances.

Compliance with fiscal regulations and legislations varies for each country.

Designate printers

Associate every product and modifier to a printer placed in the relevant F&B preparation area (such as bar, kitchen, expediter, etc.), and orders will automatically be sent to the correct location for preparation.


Generate per-employee or per-shift reports, with details such as tips, incomes, suspect activities and more. Reconcile or close a shift or business-day with all transactions from all areas, through one system. Review statistics such as hourly sales and see hot items at a glance.


Quick customer recognition, special prices and discounts, sales tracking, redemption points, fast payment by Q-Cash, points on card or credit card, and delayed payment for frequent bowler customers.

Create any new price key or mixed package, including bowling and F&B. Use it at the POS, within reservations or post it online for use with web booking. One integrated system makes it easy.

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