Conqueror Pro

The World’s Most Scalable, Upgradeable and Fully Integrated Center Management System

Your management system is the heart of your business. While many systems look similar at first, in-depth comparison reveals real differences. Make the comparison yourself. Imagine critical situations and challenge each system to solve them. Successful proprietors understand their business scenarios; and that selecting the right system can make tough situations easier to handle. That’s why thousands of centers have chosen Conqueror Pro.


Control every aspect of your business

From customized setup to remote center management, from pricing to security, from lanes to employees, from marketing to operations, Conqueror Pro makes it easy to keep tabs on things and call the shots. That includes taking every opportunity to make a great impression on customers. Conqueror Pro helps you put customer service and satisfaction first. As one system throughout your center, Conqueror Pro makes everything run better. Transactions are seamless. POS sales are quick. And employees’ jobs are made easier.

Conqueror Pos

See how Seamless Transactions make managing simple and complex transactions, birthday and corporate parties, and handling customers who move around your center easier than ever.


Designed as the perfect complement to the Conqueror Pro POS and Management System, the Conqueror QPad is the only handheld solution that extends the power of Conqueror to any service point, anywhere in your facility allowing you to deliver a superior guest experience and drive superior revenues.

Marketing power

Explore features such as Advanced Reservations, Frequent Bowler Tracker and Web Reservations to see how Conqueror Pro helps you establish and build stronger relationships and repeat business.

Complete Integration

Every Conqueror Pro module—Lane Control, Reservations, Waiting List, Trouble Call System (TCS), Intercom, Leagues, Tournaments, Frequent Bowler Tracker (FBT), POS and more—is totally integrated. See how they all fit together along with a wide selection of interfaces to popular third-party products, too.


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