"Since installing the XLi EDGE Pinspotter, our customers are so happy. Our leagues have increased 65%, and our open bowling has increased 85%." - Vickie Woodford, Co-Owner, Spare Time Lanes, Jefferson, IA


Easier for Your Customers

They have a better experience in your center and are more likely to return.


Quietest Operation

The quietest pinspotter on the market–your customers don’t hear the machines running, making for a more pleasant environment in your center.


Keeps Customers Informed

If a problem occurs during play, customers are advised on the scoring monitor, updated as the technician addresses the issue, and notified when it’s okay to bowl again. Keeping your customers informed makes for a better experience.


Unmatched Reliability

With the exclusive Gripper Ball Return, the fastest strike cycle and the best FPS (Frames Per Stop) performance in the industry, your customers are not kept waiting for the pinspotter to set pins or for their balls to be returned.

Get in Touch

Boost your center with the most experienced partner in the business. A partner who will stand by you and guide you all the way.

CenterPunch Deck Lighting System*

Multicolored LED pin deck lighting illuminates the pins, enabling dazzling light shows and other effects that stir more excitement and engagement amongst bowlers.  It is the only pin deck lighting driven by a bowling management system, and responds to on-lane events when paired with the BES X Bowler Entertainment System.