“The machine is so reliable, we were able to save labor costs by reducing the number of pin chasers we have on staff. We used to have a couple people working the front desk who would chase pins and resolve pinspotter issues as needed. Since installing the XLi EDGE across the entire center, we only need one for our 18-lane center." -  Darien Anderson, Proprietor, Mountain Run Bowling Center, Culpepper, VA


Easier for You

The XLi EDGE is the most cost-effective traditional pinspotter to operate, so you have more money to focus on marketing your business or add to your bottom line.


Patented EDGE Performance Lift and Cam

This innovative design feature delivers the best FPS (frames-per-stop) performance in the industry, and saves you money because you need less staff to operate.



Unlike other machines, the Durabin stores pins so they don’t continuously cycle through the machine. With no sharp surfaces or metal that could damage pins, you save money because pins last longer.


Energy Efficient Electronics and Automatic Shutdown

Conserves electricity, keeping your operating costs down so you save money.


Fewer Wear Parts

You spend less annually on replacement parts to maintain the machines.


Management Reporting

You have accurate data to understand and improve maintenance effectiveness and lower operating costs.

Get in Touch

Boost your center with the most experienced partner in the business. A partner who will stand by you and guide you all the way.