“With the old machines we were having electrical and chassis issues that were costing us a lot of money, and a lot of time for our mechanic to maintain. Looking for something more reliable, we were able to find a solution by installing the XLi Upgrades from QubicaAMF.” - Brian Kleinknect, General Manager, Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln, NE

Greater Electrical Reliability

No more struggling with pinspotter downtime and wasting resources troubleshooting electrical issues as a result of old and unreliable wiring and electrical components.

Electronics Based on Current Technology

The XLi Upgrade replaces all of the old electronics on existing pinspotters including wiring, solenoids, motors, control chassis—and now—the pin deck lighting with new CenterPunch* LED deck light.  

*Conqueror Pro V11 or higher is needed to design and run light shows with CenterPunch

Back-End Motor Rotation

To keep pins from falling onto and damaging the motor, we orient it 90 degrees from the original.

Back-End Motor Overload Protection

After an XLi Upgrade, the control chassis constantly monitors the back-end motor current and will shut down the pinspotter if a jam occurs that could damage the motor.

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