"With the XLi Upgrade, it requires many fewer parts than I used to deal with. I would need to carry four spare chassis just so I could be guaranteed to have one that would work all the time, and have a spare that was ready to go. With the XLi, I only carry one, but I haven't even needed to use it yet." - Paul Hawthorne, Head Mechanic, Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln, NE

Easier Operation and Maintenance

With modern machine control and the elimination of six mechanical adjustments, your pinspotters will be easier for your technicians to use, saving you time and money.

XLi Machine Control with LCD Display

Your technicians will have easier access to the machine and its settings through a keypad and LCD display at the rear of the machine, and at the front with a handheld unit.

Integrated Diagnostics

The new XLi control chassis monitors major machine functions and displays any issues or warnings on the LCD display, which saves troubleshooting time.

Table and Sweep Encoders

Mechanical cams and switches are replaced with encoders that allow the table and sweep position and motion to be controlled by the XLi chassis.

New Gearboxes

Modern gearboxes replace the old, worn-out pinspotter gearboxes.

Emergency Stops

These are added to the front and rear of each pair of pinspotters to give technicians a quick and safe way to stop the machines in the case of an emergency.  

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