XLi Pinspotter Upgrade

Eliminate Electrical Problems with Your Older Pinspotters

The XLi Pinspotter Upgrade is the perfect product for centers with older pinspotters that are fighting electrical issues and related downtime. The XLi Upgrade replaces the electrical and drive system on your old pinspotters with the latest in pinspotter electrical and drive technology. You save money in labor and parts and your customers will be happier with the improved reliability of your machines.

QubicaAMF Pinspotter upgrades brochure
QubicaAMF Pinspotter upgrades brochure

Pinspotter upgrades. XLi Electronics, EDGE pin handling, EDGE enhanced guarding

QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure
QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure

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 Feature Benefit

Available for 82-70

Available for 82-90

XLi Electrical and Control System No more machine downtime because of old and unreliable electronics yes yes
XLi Machine Control Technicians save time with quick and easy access to the machine operation and settings yes yes
Integrated Troubleshooting Diagnostics Quick troubleshooting helps minimize downtime yes yes
Table and Sweep Encoders Easier to maintain (the mechanical table and sweep position adjustments are eliminated) yes yes




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