"Compared to older machines, the wear and tear on the bowling pins themselves is barely noticeable. If you can see them side-by-side, the pins used on the EDGE machines look brand new up to 8-9 months later. It's a no brainer...The EDGE is a beautiful upgrade." - Eric Brodesser, Head Mechanic, HeadPinZ, Ft. Myers, FL

Longer Pin Life

EDGE Upgrades eliminate areas where pin damage can occur with the pinwheel and steel bin. Pins last longer. And you save money.

No Metal Parts

All the metal parts associated with the old steel pinwheel pin handling system that could damage the pins are eliminated.

Durabin with Optical Switch

This one-piece bin has no metal parts to damage pins. Plus, unlike a mechanical switch, the optical switch does not contact and wear pin heads.

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