"Since we installed the EDGE Upgrade, we have been able to reassign 20-30 hours of payroll costs to save us money. In the past, we always had to have multiple mechanics on staff at all times. Thanks to the reliability of the new upgrade, we can utilize other support staff around the center to help with the minimal pin chasing issues we now encounter.” – Brian Kleinknect, General Manager, Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln, NE 

Easier and Safer Operation and Maintenance

With fewer adjustments, better machine access and quieter operation, the EDGE Upgrade can make maintenance more efficient.

Fewer Adjustments

The new EDGE lift eliminates seven adjustments required with the steel pinwheel system.

Easier Access

The EDGE Performance Lift has an open, modular design for better access to the rear and pit areas.

Ladder with Handrails

This great feature makes it safer and easier for your technicians to access the top of the machines.

Quieter Operation

The EDGE Performance Lift is 7 to 8 dB(A) quieter on average than the steel pinwheel system.

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